RightStart in Waka Land!

The RightStart Campaign have teamed up with your favourite home grown Namibian Cartoon Series, Waka Waka Moo to bring ECD messages to life! The Waka Friends are providing entertainment and educational content in a fun way. Every week a Waka Waka Moo episode takes children and their families on an adventure where they learn about numbers, letters and colours, as well as all about Namibian history, geography and culture. In 11 different local languages, the episodes also share important messages about health and hygiene, love and protection, and learning through play.

Keep an eye out for us on NBC TV on Wednesdays and Saturdays!

The Waka Team will also be on the road bringing songs, music, stories and messages to a town or village near you. Keep an eye out for announcements about where they will be next.